DNR wildlife biologist remains busy

Pete Kailing



BIG RAPIDS – One would think this would be a slow time of year to be a DNR wildlife biologist.


DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing continues to keep extensively busy. He points out bear nuisance complaints continue and residents are strongly advised to stop leaving out food for birds and animals. Kailing also continues to keep busy with timber sales.

“We’ve abandoned some geese down in Muskegon County,” Kailing said. “Every year we try to get a couple hundred geese as a part of our work duties. We’re putting out signs on some of our timber sales and we have a nice mile-and-a-half walking trail at the Haymarsh Lake at the main parking lot. It’s for anyone.

“We’re busy doing habitat work and mowing fields and cleaning up trash and planting flood plots. We’re seeing a few birds, grouse and woodcock. I’m not sure it’s been a great average but it’s probably been average.”

It’s also the time of year hunters should keep an eye in the DNR manual and on the DNR website.

“They can even be on an email list,” Kailing said. “Last year, we printed fewer paper digests than normal but we’re going to up that number this year so more paper digests will be available at stores.”