BIG RAPIDS -- Local Department of Natural Resources officials say the weather has had an impact on the first week of the turkey hunting season.

The second week-long season started on Saturday.

DNR conservation officer Angie Greenway is hoping the second week will be better.

"The start of turkey hunting has been slower than I had anticipated or expected so far," she said. "We've had high winds and it's been cold. The turkeys have been pretty quiet from what I hear from guys. I'm not seeing as many turkey hunters. I'm not sure why. I'm attributing it to the weather not cooperating real well.

"It's lower than anticipated. Mushrooms and wild onions are out. People are enjoying getting outdoors. We need the weather to communicate."

DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing agreed.

"The weather was not great for the first season," Kailing said. "We're still seeing a few bachelor groups of toms. It's windy and rainy. We had a couple of good days. Overall, the weather is below average. The harvest has been below average. Anticipation has been good.

Our license sales are way up this year.

"Hopefully the weather will be better the second season. The May season could be real good. We're behind schedule weather-wise."