Community members, coaches discuss various sports issues

BALDWIN —  Baldwin coaches, parents and community members on Tuesday pointed to their support of an athletic department policy designed to motivate athletes to stay on a team for the duration of the entire season.

It was pointed out at the athletic council meeting athletes leaving a team on their own before the season ends then have to sit out briefly from participating in their next sport.

“I think the switch to ‘stick it out’ or there will be reciprocation into the next sport, helps,” Harold Nichols, a parent who also coaches football, said. “If they just quit to quit, they sit time out into the next sport. I believe that was beneficial to retaining those kids to finish what they started, which is my opinion, is more important than winning or losing the game. It’s finishing as a team.”

Other community members voiced while it may not be perfect to apply in some cases, they generally support the policy.

Athletic director Shawn Williams went through the specifics of the policy and indicated it could apply differently to each athlete depending on the circumstances.

Nichols also said as a junior high football coach, it helped having more volunteers available to work with players and their attitudes.