Coach-pitch teams end successful season at Baldwin

BALDWIN — It was a successful season for Lake County’s T-Ball and coach-pitch leagues.

Last week, the coach-pitch league ended with a game featuring the parents against the players.

Jason Moore was among the adults who worked with the league, coach-pitch. Ages were 7-to-10.

There were 30 youngsters in the league with two teams. Games were played twice a week for six weeks.

“It was a good year, a stepping stone,” Moore said. “One year at a time. But we got more players involved this year, that’s the important thing. We got a huge contribution from the parents.”

It starts with T-ball, 5-7, with players hitting the ball off a tee. In coach pitch, the next level, coaches pitch to the players. Then they move to the Little League level and start playing teams from other communities.

“The progression of the players was unbelievable,” Moore said. “They improved by leaps and bounds. Some of these kids had never picked up a ball before. But the fielding was there.”

Moore said the youngsters were able to meet or exceed expectations.