Coach Pitch League set to close this week

BALDWIN  — This marks the final week for the Coach Pitch schedule with the Lake County 4-H Little League.

The T-Ball Division was set to close at Hollister Park on Wednesday of this week. The final Coach Pitch League sessions were set for the high school softball field at 5:30 p.m.

Harold Nichols of the Coach Pitch League noted that the league has had three teams playing doubleheaders every Tuesday and Thursday. There were no single-team sponsors.

“We did group sponsors this year,” Nichols said, noting that each player has a list of sponsors on their shirts. The older players, connected with the travel league, will still be going for two weeks.

Nichols indicated efforts are under way to secure a tournament for Little League after the regular season ends for the league on July 2.

“We’re working on getting dates for the tournament,” Nichols said. “We need at least three teams to commit for the tournament.”

The tournament will be at Hollister Park. More details will be provided later.

This marks the third week of Coach Pitch. All players get to bat three times a game. All hitters continue to improve on their hitting compared to when the season first started, Nichols pointed out.