Clugston giving Baldwin boost on the mound

BALDWIN  —  Tyler Clugston hasn’t pitch too much for the Baldwin Panthers this season.

But the sophomore righthander came up big on Tuesday.

He hurled five strong innings in his team’s 7-1 victory over Traverse City Christian. It was Baldwin’s first win of the season.

Counting Tuesday’s game, he’s only pitched 11 innings all season.

“I was pitching great,” he said. “I was throwing consistent strikes. What won the game was our teamwork. We fed off each other’s energy. It doesn’t happen by yourself. It’s a team effort. Our fielding was solid. We weren’t dropping flyballs. We were making plays on groundballs and making the throws to first base.

Clugston admitted his pitching strategy isn’t all that complicated.

“All I  throw is fastballs, as fast as I can,” he said. “I (try to) throw it straight. Me and grandpa (Jim Warren) have worked on a curveball and sinker. If I can strike them out with a fastball, there’s no need for (other pitches).” 

Clugston said he currently isn’t hitting the ball as well as he did a year ago.

“But I was 4-of-5 (against TC Christian),” he said. “I’ve been getting a lot of singles. Last year I was getting doubles. So we haven’t been getting the practices. We have guys gone with driver’s training and track, and we’re short on numbers. We need to get back in the batting cage.”