Brenton Childress excited with basketball team’s potential

BALDWIN — A boys basketball observer doesn’t have to check too many boxscores to realize the Baldwin Panthers enter the holiday break playing good basketball.

Junior guard Brenton Childress would certainly be among those agreeing with that assessment.

Childress had a strong floor game with the Panthers in their most recent outing, a 72-22 victory last week over Mason Country Eastern. He also had seven points. The Panthers had a slow start and exploded in the next three quarters

“We’re looking great,” he said. “We have to stop playing lackadaisical in the beginning. We’ve got to play uptempo basketball for four quarters.”

In the second quarter, Childress and the Baldwin defense was driving the Cardinals crazy with intense full-court press. More time than not, the Cards were unable to get the ball across the mid-court stripe and the Panthers took advantage with easy buckets. Baldwin had 39 points in that quarter.

“We played helpside defense and zone,” Childress said. 

His older brother, Brandon, scored 29 points in the win over MCE and had 39 points earlier in the week. Brenton, Brandon and Braeden, a freshman, have been in the starting lineup.

“It’s been great,” Brenton Childress said. “It couldn’t be any better.”

He added that his role frequently changes.

“The game comes to me in different ways,” Childress said. “It depends on the night. If they need me to score I’ll score. If they need me to dish, I’ll dish.”

He’s confident in his abilities for all those areas but acknowledges that he wants to improve on his dribbling.

When the Panthers face tough upcoming opponents such as Frankfort and NorthPointe Christian, making “less mistakes” will be critical for winning along with hitting more free throws and field goals, Childress added.