Bowling season begins for Baldwin

Panthers are very hopeful

Adam McClure



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Baldwin A 30, Baldwin B 0

It was Baldwin’s Boys A Team vs. Baldwin Boys B team in the first conference meet on Saturday at Scottville.

The A Team did take all 30 points for the day.

“The B Team is composed of mostly first time bowlers who have shown great strides and gains within the past couple of weeks,” coach Duane Robert said. “Game high for the team and meet was by Jesse Pancio, who bowled a 191 and 207 respectively. Remington Owens, Jake Cutler and Adam McClure made returns for this season.

“They, Pancio and Jalik Hawkins will be competing next weekend in what remains of the 2020-2021 season in which Baldwin took second in regionals and sent two bowlers to states as well as the team.”

Joining from a bowling team a year previous is Michael Cavendar and Joe Demos, who did not participate due to COVID changes last year. Joe Demos anchored for the B Team and gave a strong fight in the Bakers.

Joining the team as first-year bowlers are Russell (Antwoine) Simpson, David Jenks, Brandon Jenks, and Kyan Cowell “who make fine additions to the Panthers lineup,” Roberts said. “They each come to practice and work hard. Some days they stay until the alley closes working to improve their games. We also have a lot of middle school interest as well.
“I did want to see how many would perform in certain spots and I am glad to say I see a lot of versatility on our teams this year. Next week we will have another returner back with us competing and we look to continue to improvement week after week.”

It’s the first time in four years Baldwin has had a girls team.

“Our girls team is comprised of first-time bowlers,” Roberts said. “At the meet on Saturday due to some close contacts we had Racheal Carpenter, Willow Gardner, Alyssa Huiet, Krista Simmons and Daisy Simmons. The girls took 8 of 30 points from a Crossroads Charter Academy team. The girls took 4 points from winning one Baker of the day, and then 4 points in the singles games.

“Willow and Racheal both did phenomenal in taking their points. Both of the Simmons were a couple points away from gaining their points. Huiet is showing constant improvement. We look forward to competing in Big Rapids on Saturday.”