Bowling ready for Baldwin softball season

BALDWIN —  Brittany Bowling is a sophomore on the Baldwin softball team which is ready for regular-season action this week.

Bowling is in her first varsity softball season and is looking to make an impact on a team that has 20 girls.

Coach Bob Hilts has had Bowling at infield spots during preseason practices. In the past, she’s also played outfield.

She has also been on the bowling and volleyball teams at Baldwin.

“We’ve been focusing on trying to get the basics first and trying to get all the infield down, and how to hit the ball right and judge it,” she said. “(Coach Hilts) says there’s been tremendous progress and his team this year has gotten better from last year.”

Offense is a question mark for Baldwin. Bowling was confident that getting outdoors more would help the Panthers work on their hitting more effectively.

“Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don’t, she said. “It’s different from hitting inside. It’s mainly not taking your eye off the ball and being focused.”

Being outdoors has meant some adjustments for the Panthers.

“There’s a lot more distractions and weather chances and stuff,” Bowling said. “You have to try to adapt to all of that.”

While there’s 20 players on the team, the experience level is still somewhat thin.

“We have a lot of newbies,” Bowling said. “We’re not sure (of positions for each player).”

The Panthers will be playing opponents such as Frankfort, Manistee Catholic Central, Big Rapids Crossroads, Brethren and Bear Lake this season. Pentwater and Walkerville do not have softball teams.