BALDWIN — Baldwin bowlers are heading into the thick part of their schedule and players like junior Aneysha Boatwright are determined to have nothing less but strong performances coming up.

This is Boatwright’s second season of bowling. Last year was her first season.

“Last year was new for me,” she said. “I knew the basics of bowling because I’ve been bowling since I was a kid, Once I started bowling in a league, I started to learn the form of bowling, That’s when I started to get interested. I didn’t realize bowling was that complicated.”

Her best game last year was a 149 and it’s been a 153 so far this season. Her bowling has definitely improved.

“The key for me is concentration,” she said. “I clear my head and imagine I’m the only person in the bowling alley and bowl my best.”

The Baldwin girls this season have enough players to quality for team scores.

“Just have fun,” is what Boatwright tells her teammates.

She also plays softball and volleyball.

“Difficulty-wise (bowling) is easier,” Boatwright said. “I go out and have fun. Bowling is like a hobby. It’s like a release.”