Big Rapids soccer co-captain was not to be denied on defense

Heethuis reflects on his season

BIG RAPIDS  --  Jackson Heethuis stepped into the challenging role as co-captain of Big Rapids’ soccer team this season and delivered in impressive style.

“Rocky is the unsung hero of the team,” Big Rapids coach Justin Fox said. “He gives 100 percent at all times. He played all defensive positions this season and was constantly involved in stopping the opponent’s attack. He had a great season, played through injury, and will be missed.”

He was the defender for the Cardinals and contributed to five team shutouts.

“I’m there to control the backline,” Heethuis said. “I’ve had a pretty good season. The key is positioning. I know where I need to be.”

He played four seasons of varsity soccer.

“I think last year was better,” he said noting it was a younger team this year.

The Cardinals tied Kent City with a 5-1 record in the Central State Activities Association regular season and lost to the Eagles in the conference title game. They lost to Alma in the district semifinals.

Heethuis has also tried bowling and some golf. He’s played soccer for several years. But for Heethuis, golf has been truly unique.

“I grew up playing it. It’s in my family,” he said. 


Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite subject in school: History

Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite activity outside of sports: Be outside