BALDWIN — Baldwin athletic director Shawn Williams announced on Monday the Lake-Osceola State Bank of Baldwin has made a donation toward the purchase of a new high school gymnasium scoreboard.

Williams met with Winnie Webb, loan officer, and Julie Radden, assistant vice president in charge of marketing, on Monday and announced the agreement. The $3,000 check from the bank will cover the entire cost of the scoreboard.

“This is a collaborative partnership between the school and the bank,” Williams said. “They’ve done a lot this year as far as the bank supporting the athletic program. This is just another contribution This is tremendous. I don’t think we’ve had a major contribution like this in at least the last five years.

“This is major, this is big. I’ll tip my hat off to these two ladies because they’re actually doing things,” Williams said.

Williams and the two bank officials are Baldwin alums.

The bank has also had homecoming sales every year like putting Panther logos on t-shirts to support school spirit.

‘“Every homecoming, me and Winnie are always there and we usually get most of our stuff donated,” Radden said.

Plans are for the main scoreboard will be hung in the gym and make its debut this summer for a showcase game, on July 20 featuring the elementary boys and the junior high boys team. The event is called “We are the future.”

It will start at 6 p.m. The annual alumni game will be the next day. Que Fitz will be the host of the alumni game.

It will be a traditional scoreboard and will have the bank’s name on it. The current scoreboards are more than 15 years old. It will be the main scoreboard.

“I want to extend my gratitude to the bank,” Williams said.

“We’re happy to do it,” Webb said.