Baldwin volleyball player set for huge season

Panthers hope to be title contenders

Lejla Haznedarezic



Star photo/John Raffel

BALDWIN – Lejla Haznedarezic is going to be a junior this fall and is getting ready to play Baldwin volleyball.

She usually plays opposite side for Baldwin.

“I definitely enjoy the offense,” Haznedarezic said. “I do need to work on my defense, however. I really enjoy attacking and setting up other teammates.”

She attended summer sessions in late June, led by volleyball coach Duane Roberts.

“They’re definitely very helpful,” she said. “It gives you a chance to work on things you otherwise would not work on during the season.”

Haznedarezic has played volleyball since the seventh grade.

“I like the team bonding and having to accomplish things with others,” Haznedarezic said.

Volleyball practices start on Aug. 8.