BALDWIN -- Robert Watkins has coached many sports for decades at Baldwin. But when it comes to track and field, he's not likely to ever forget the Johnson brothers: Juron, Juvon and Juson.

Watkins also coached Juson's daughter, Jenna, for four seasons. Her senior season was canceled because of the virus episode. She was an all-stater as a freshman in the 100-meter dash.

"Juron was the oldest," Watkins said. "Juvon was in the middle."

Juron was an all-stater in track.

"He was an overall good athlete," Watkins said. "No matter what sport, his speed helped him in football and track."

Watkins acknowledged he would have listed Juron as one of the fastest athletes he ever coached.

"But then his younger brother (Juson) came aboard," Watkins said. "His younger brother had the means to turn it on and turn it off. Juron was fast, Juvon was fast and could stop on a dime and give you change. Juson was totally a speedster."

The two oldest went to the national finals in track in the 4x100 relay with two other Panther teammates and went to Gainesville, Fla. They raised some money to make the trip.

"Unfortunately, we went down there in the finals and dropped the baton," Watkins recalled. "We were able to go down there from Baldwin. We went to West Virginia to qualify, then went down there.

"All three brothers had unique qualities and characteristics. What made them all good was their leadership qualities."