Baldwin teacher attempting to bring back disc golf club

BALDWIN - A disc golf 4-H club is forming in Baldwin with hopes of getting it off the ground in the spring.

This is the word from Ryan Tebo, who also teaches at Baldwin.

"We've met one time so far and it's only been me and one other student," Tebo said. "So we're still working on getting some type of enrollment on that. Eventually I hope to have students ranging from middle school to high school involved, and upwards to 15 to 20 students so we can start participating in events and check out disc courses in other cities and other areas."

The season would be taking place next year, Tebo said.

Tebo is in the Baldwin area his second year. In the past, the 4-H program locally has had a disc golf club.

"The disc course still exists on campus," Tebo said. "It doesn't get a lot of attention or seem like it's all that well taken care of."

A club would be able to take care of the facilities on a consistent basis, he said.

"We'll mention this at school every day and hope more students will be interested the next time around," Tebo said. "Disc golf isn't a major component at schools. Baldwin has the facilities available so it seems like a logical place"

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