Baldwin softball league features close games

BALDWIN — Government Lake continues to lead the standings in the Baldwin Men’s Softball League as action gets ready to close this month and enter a new one.

Entering action this week, Government Lake was 5-1 while H&H and M-37 Meat Shack were both 3-1. The Baldwin Bowling Center was 1-3 and Knights was 0-6.

League official Curt Gravatt said on Tuesday of this week that M-37 Meat Shack defeated H&H and Baldwin Bowling Center lost to H&H. Knights lost a pair of games to Bowling Center and Meat Shack.

Teams played two games each night at the Hollister Park fields. Government Lake had the bye this week.

“The game between H&H and (Baldwin Bowling Center) was close,” Gravatt. “They went seven innings and H&H won by four (26-22). The game between Meat Shack and H&H went seven innings. H&H lost by two.”

Games were high scoring. Additional scores were not available.

Teams are four weeks into the season, which started after the Memorial Day weekend.

The season is over at the end of July.