Baldwin softball getting ready

na McGinnis hope to play key roles for the Baldwin softball team, which is still preparing for a season that will start in mid-April.

Bolles will be playing second base for the Panthers. In the practice season, the Panthers took advantage of the weather to be outside extensively.

“It’s been helpful,” she said. “It’s easier to figure out which positions you’ll be at.”

The Panthers hope to be more of a competitive softball team on the diamond this season.

“To me, it looks really good this year,” Bolles said, “especially with the underclassmen. It’s looking good all-around.”

Once the Panthers start playing games, they’ll have a clearer picture of where they’re at, Bolles said.

Defense, “is looking pretty good too,” Bolles said. “It’s looking like it will be a really good year.”

Nikki Frasier appears set to be the main pitcher, Bolles noted, while Ashley Roy might also see some action.

Brianna McGinnis is a senior who will play center field. It’s her first varsity season.

“I’m a senior and I’m going all out for sports this year, “ McGinnis said. “I’m pretty confident. We’ll be fine. We’re batting pretty good.”

The Panthers have had a good number of girls out to practices for the early part of the season. Warm temperatures allowed the Baldwin girls to be outside for the most part.

“It’s better than being inside, we’re getting used to being outside,” McGinnis said.