BALDWIN — Kendra Washington isn’t a standard softball shortstop, considering the fact she’s lefthanded. But she’s still been able to make the plays for the Panthers.

“Kendra Washington had an awesome play at shortstop out in the outfield,” Baldwin coach Abbey Braidwood said after a twinbill with Mesick last week.

“It was a pop fly and there was another girl coming,” Washington said. “It fell out of my hand and I switched my hand and caught it with my bare hand. I was at shortstop. I’m lefthanded. You just have to pay attention to your third baseman and figure out where you need to be.

“I play catcher sometimes, but mostly shortstop. A lot of action happens here.”

Her throws to first base “are pretty good, but sometimes I have an off day.”

Her hitting “is not super good, but I’m working on it,” Washington said. “You have to keep your eye on it and make sure it’s in your strike zone.”