Baldwin senior optimistic with season prospects

BALDWIN — Baldwin’s baseball team didn’t start practices until April, has had one doubleheader and seniors like Alec Wroblewski are anxious to get in some more playing time.

 Wroblewski is in his second season.

“I thought it was a pretty good season,” he said of 2014. “I was pretty impressed with the team. We had pretty good all-around players.”

Wroblewski played outfield mostly last season. “I’m expecting a little second base and wherever else coach needs me,” he said. “Shortstop maybe.”

He’s confident of his defensive abilities.

“I’m pretty quick on my feet,” he said.

Wroblewski has confidence in both his glove and arm. He didn’t hit what he would have liked to last season.

“I’m definitely expecting to improve this season with the amount of time I put in the offseason and now I’m with the guys,” Wroblewski said, adding that the key to hitting well is “staying focused.  It’s something you have to work on. You have to have hand-eye coordination and keep working on it at practice.”

Baldwin is 0-2 and is home with Walkerville on Monday.