Baldwin senior hoping to do much ‘Moore’

BALDWIN — Deshawn Moore has been testing his talents in various sports for Baldwin this season and lately has been seeing what he can do on the bowling lanes.

So far, so good for Moore, a senior.

He would be playing basketball, but had a football injury that gave him some of his motivation to do bowling instead this winter.

“I also felt I wanted to keep my cool and focus on graduating so I decided to do a sport that’s a little calmer than basketball, and that would be bowling,” Moore said. “I haven’t (done bowling before) and I wish I would have.”

It’s been more fun for Moore than he had originally realized. He’s been among the top bowlers on a team that also includes some basketball standouts like Da’Ron Copeland.

“For a lot of seniors, it’s our senior year so we thought we’d come out and bowl and do as much as we can,” Moore said.

His average has been around 134.

“It’s improved tremendously,” he said. “You have to be consistent, that’s all. It’s a mental game. It’s about consistency. You have to do the same thing every time and execute. Practice is very important. I practice every day before work after work and every day after we have normal practices.”

Baldwin is at conference competition this weekend and at regionals the following weekend.

“I’m hoping to get close to a 300,” Moore said, while recalling that Maverick Fisher, as a senior last season, went to the state final. “I hope to follow in his footsteps.”