Baldwin senior bags buck in Lake County

BALDWIN  —  Tyler Clugston, a senior at Baldwin High School, enjoyed the recent time off students had from school under the balanced calendar.

“Intercession just ended today so we’re back in school again,” Clugston said. “Our extended break couldn’t have ended on a better note for me. (Sunday), I woke up before sunrise and went to sit out in my stand on a parcel of land grandpa (Jim Warren) owns in the western portion of Lake County. It had rained earlier in the morning and I thought that maybe the drop in temperature would get the deer moving around.

“I got to the deer blind around 7 (a.m.) and thought I might as well take a nap until it was light enough to see around 8. I woke up at five minutes till 8 and through the early light I could see a silhouette, with a sizable amount of bone on its head. I put the bow on him and the rest was history. I found him about 100 yards to the west. I couldn’t be more blessed or excited about such a beautiful Lake County whitetail.”

Clugston said he’s seen several area bucks.

“We almost hit a giant buck on the road tonight,” he said on Tuesday. “Coming on U.S. 10, he was chasing a doe across the road. The rut is kicking in now. I’m expecting people to be getting some pretty nice deer. I’ll be hunting all the way through rifle season.”

Clugston said he’s more experienced hunting with a rifle.

“You don’t have to wait for them to get close,” he said. “Bow hunting is a lot more exciting. You’re real close to these huge animals.”