BALDWIN -- Jim Warren wouldn't mind keeping busy with some upcoming fishing and hunting action. He has an inkling it's going to be very good.

Turkey season starts on Saturday.

"There's a lot of turkeys around, I've got them in my back yard," the area Baldwin resident said. "There's six of them coming here. The bears are out already. I have them on trail cam. There's a mama and two little ones. There's a lot of deer back there. I'm waiting to get out on the lake and catch some bluegills. I'm getting a little low on them.

"I haven't heard of anybody that's been on the lakes yet. We're going to get the boat in and go to North Lake where we usually fish and get a lot of bluegills. I know it's awfully early. If we can get to the deep water. we've had good luck over the years."

The turkey numbers remain impressive, Warren added.

"I see a lot of them on the road," he said. "I hope to fish this weekend. It's supposed to be some pretty nice weather I hear. It will be good and sunny. I'm glad to see the deer around. They must have been an awfully good year. All my food plots in the back of the house and at Sweetwater Township, I can see where they're digging it up.

"There's also a lot of bobcats. I see a lot of them."