BALDWIN — Scott Pedigo has taken on many roles at Baldwin. He has now added the duties of athletic director to his responsibilities.

He was appointed by the Board of Education last week. He said he is still a full-time teacher and has part-time athletic director duties. He’ll be teaching biology, special education and strength and conditioning at the high school.

“The AD hours will be outside of my teaching day,” Pedigo said.

As AD, Pedigo replaces Shawn Williams, who left to seek other endeavors after the administration downsized the athletic director’s position from full-time.

Pedigo has been an assistant and interim athletic director in the past. He’s been at the school for 18 years. He attended and played football at Ferris State University and was a student-teacher at Baldwin. He was then hired there full-time. He grew up in Troy.

Pedigo has coached basketball, football and track at Baldwin. His football teams won several league and district titles.

He also coached junior high and varsity 8-player football briefly at Crossroads Charter Academy.

As athletic director, Pedigo will focus on various areas. He said last week all the scheduling has basically been done.

“My biggest assignment so far has been getting officials for everything,” he said. “Football’s been a tough one. I think I’ve got it taken care of but I had to reach out some distances away and in different places. Trying to find officials in July wasn’t the easiest thing.”

Sports will be football, volleyball and cross country in the fall. Boys and girls basketball and bowling are featured in the winter.

A major question mark has been the status of spring sports since numbers have been down for track, baseball and softball. Baseball and softball have not completed full seasons the last two years.

“I think we’ll be sitting down (with administrators) and set some guidelines on having a certain number of kids to start a program,” Pedigo said. “We don’t want to start a program and hurt other (schools) later by not playing.”

Pedigo will also be involved in hiring coaches, and indicated there will be a meeting to finalize fall coaches this week.

“We’re behind on that but luckily most of them just reapplied and we don’t have (others) applying for one position,” he said. “It’s the people who have done it previously.”

Pedigo said he won’t be coaching football. He has been coaching varsity basketball.

As for basketball this season, “that’s something I haven’t truly decided yet,” he said. “Part of me doesn’t know if this will be too much for me to continue and with my own kids getting to the age they’re starting to play things, I don’t know about missing their events. But I’ve been worried first about getting fall squared away. I’m not worried about the winter yet.”

Pedigo said he’ll also be able to hire game managers for various home events.

Because of his past experience with the athletic department, Pedigo said he felt he could be an asset in the position.