BALDWIN - Cierra Pieske is a junior with this year's Baldwin girls basketball team, which is off, like all other sports right now, because of a COVID-related shutdown.

Her volleyball season ended two weeks ago in a loss to Muskegon Catholic Central. The team took second in the conference.

Last week was spent in practices and Pieske said she had to get used to the different out-of-bounds lines in each sport.

Pieske will be a guard for the team. She indicated she might shoot 3-pointers and other jumpers.

"I'm shorter so I'll be quicker and will try to get around teams that are smaller," she said. "My defense is good."

Basketball players are required to wear masks, which will make it more challenging than in volleyball, Pieske said, considering breathing purposes.

The season is on hold for three weeks now but Pieske is upbeat about the team's potential once the season returns.

"This will be more of a competitive year," she said.