Baldwin junior optimistic over girl team’s potential

BALDWIN  — Donyai Thomas and her Baldwin girls basketball teammates are gearing up for a busy schedule of games and are looking to have huge success in coming weeks.

Thomas is in her junior season for the Panthers. She played on the varsity as a freshman, went back to junior varsity as a sophomore and has returned to the varsity level this season.

“Usually, I’m on the wing and most of the time when we run our plays, I pop out for the ball to take it in or shoot,” Thomas said.

She considers shooting to be the best part of her game, especially  from mid-range distance.

The Panthers are off to an 0-3 start, but have had some competitive games.

“I feel like it’s been an improvement season,” she said. “We’ve gotten better than before. There’s always room for more improvement. Each game we learn something new and we do better.”

Thomas said she’s improved mostly from her shot and her chemistry with the team, plus the basics of the game.

“We’re doing good, but I feel we can do better,” she said, adding that team chemistry and communication is critical in every game. “We have a very good defensive team I believe. Most of the time, the other teams put up a lot of points on us, but now they don’t. Our defense is probably our best (point).”

The key on defense “is just playing your role,” Thomas said.

Under new coach Doug Bolles’ system, “I’m familiar with it,” she said. “We had a good offseason. We pretty much nipped everything in the bud before he got here.”

The Panthers will play home Wednesday against Brethren and are at Manistee Catholic Central Jan. 9.