Baldwin junior high basketball team nearing the peak of its schedule

BALDWIN — Coach Cregg Bolles’ boys basketball team has been keeping a busy slate in recent weeks as the Panthers near the tail end of their schedule.

The Panthers played Walkerville at home on Monday and were scheduled to be at home Wednesday against Mason County Eastern.

Upcoming games are at Mason County Eastern on Dec. 7 and at Muskegon Heights on Dec. 9. The season ends with the West Michigan D League tournament at Mason County Eastern on Dec. 12.

Baldwin also has played Crossroads and Pentwater this season.

Bolles and Jeremy Curtis have been coaching two separate seventh and eighth-grade teams. During some games, the Panthers have only one team if the opposition doesn’t have enough players for two squads.

For Monday’s game, players for Baldwin included Zach Abbott, Brendan Davis, Isaiah Defrece, Mitchell Franklin, Tryston Gullien, Dylan Higma, Derrick and Dexter Hossler, Lavonte Palmer, Derek Mock, HB Nichols, Raekwon Simpson, Kayden Terryn, Elijah Vanderjack and Tiki Woodfork.