Baldwin junior bowler looking forward to state finals



BALDWIN - The Baldwin boys bowling team is going to the state tournament this weekend and among the reasons has been the solid play of Remington Owens.

He's a junior and has had three years of varsity play.

He had a big day on March 13 at The Gate in individual play.

"I started out not the way I wanted to but finished strong," Owens said. "It's going pretty good (for the team). We were conference and tournament champions."

Owens bowled a year before high school.

"This has been my best year," Owens said.

He's been averaging 160 per game with a 187 being the highest.

"The key is having a good mental game," Owens said. "If you're not mentally sharp, you won't do well out there. I'm good on strikes and somewhat on spares."

Owens played basketball at one time but now focuses on bowling.