Baldwin hunter had another fun season

Baldwin's Jim Warren had an active fishing season. (Courtesy photo)

Baldwin's Jim Warren had an active fishing season. (Courtesy photo)

BALDWIN - It was another fun deer hunting season for Baldwin's Jim Warren.

"It was like for everyone else," Warren said. "We've been seeing a lot of deer. We got our deer for the freezer in the winter. We're all done and have put our stuff away and are getting ready for Christmas."

Warren said he and his hunting companion, grandson Tyler Clugston got one doe apiece.

"We've been seeing some awfully big bucks on the trail cam," Warren said. "We've been seeing some big bears out there. There's quite a few bears running around on two different properties. One is a real big one.

"They might be here until Saturday with the winter weather coming in. But it's been a good year. We've seen an awful lot of deer. We just shoot one each now. Maybe with the weather changing, they may come out more during the daylight. All activity seems to be at night"

Mecosta County

Mecosta County hunting guide Tom Vernon said the Nov. 15-30 season, "went real good. We probably had our best season ever because of the Antler Point Restrictions."