Baldwin girls play tough in loss to Mason County Eastern

BALDWIN—It was their best showing of the season so far, but it wasn't enough to take down Mason County Eastern.

Baldwin girls have had a learning season so far as the team gets up to speed after not playing for three season, and the team took a step forward in their progression against Mason County Eastern, where they lost 39-21.

"It was definitely our best performance in the season," Head coach Rusty Fullerton said. "They did us a solid there by playing some JV kids, so that helped us a lot. It's definitely the most competitive game we've had all year. I'm proud of our bigs for all the boards they got for us tonight. They played real tough for us. Our guards also produced points tonight. I'm proud of them."

Naomi Marsh-Robinson led the Panthers in scoring with ten points on the evening. Kelsie Hayter scored five points. Nate Shannon, Bre'Indel Watkins and Autumn Heighton also scored points.

"I think everyone did pretty good," Marsh-Robinson said. "I feel like we could work on rebounding and boxing out. But I think overall we did alright. And we were getting a lot of shots up at least."

Turnovers and many jump balls hindered the Panthers ability to get anything going on offense. At halftime, Mason County Eastern led 29-8.

"I think we need to close in a bit more on our passing and get better passes because we're throwing it over or throwing long passes, which is risky," Marsh-Robinson said. "So we need to work on that but I think we'll get better throughout the season."

The Baldwin girls will have some time off before taking on Mesick on Jan. 4.