BALDWIN -- Baldwin girls basketball season has ended and coach Nikki Bergman is already looking forward to next year.

The regular season for boys ended last week and the JV girls season concluded the previous week.

"We beat MCC on Feb. 25 with a final score of 39-19," Bergman said. "Leading the way in scoring was Monique Rowland with 23 and Cierra Pieske with seven. We ended the season at Bear Lake. We lost 22-19. Our offense struggled to produce points due to turnovers and poor shooting percentage.

"Monique Rowland was the leading scorer with 11 points. She led the team in scoring in all 18 games this season. We finished the season with a record of 13-5."

Baldwin did not have a giurls program last year for lack of number. Bergman was hired as a teacher and coach to get the basketball program going again. Her team competed on the junior varsity level this season. While no official word has been provided yet, it's believed there will be attempts to have girls varsity basketball back again next season.