BALDWIN – Baldwin girls basketball coach Nikki Bergman had one week, Nov. 9-13, to work with her varsity team before the season was put on hold for four weeks because of the rising COVID numbers.

“I wasn't surprised by the announcement that basketball was getting shut down,” Bergman said. “I think the writing was on the wall and it was just a matter of when the word was going to come down.

“We were all disappointed with the timing having just got back into the routine and started making real progress in practice. I think what the kids are going to miss more than basketball, is the face to face interactions they were finally able to have with their peers.”

This Bergman’s second year with the program. She coached a JV team last year. This is Baldwin’s first varsity team in three years.

“Having our season put on pause wasn't unexpected,” she said. “The message to the players through week 1 was ‘you never know when your last day on the court is going to be. Make the most of each day and opportunity.’ Our situation is just a reflection of the current situation in our state and nation.

“Our goal right now is just to keep the kids moving at home and engaged in their school work. My message to them after the announcement was to ‘control the things they can control.’ Right now, at home, that looks like attending all your classes, completing all your assignments and get some kind of exercise each day. I have been communicating with them via a Google Classroom and providing them with some workout options.”

The pause will end on Dec. 9 if the state lifts it.

“I'm hopeful that our state can get things trending in the right direction so that sports can resume on Dec. 9,” Bergman said. “I am realistic that the holidays are going to provide some resistance to that goal, but I remain hopeful and prepared to get back on the court.”