BALDWIN - Javon Hawkins will be in the ninth grade for Baldwin during the 2020-21 school year and is making the most of his chances to play summer basketball.

He's in the Saturday afternoon league directed by Elliot Lindsey, at Hollister Park in Baldwin. He tries to get in a lot of football and basketball.

But basketball is Hawkins' primary focus right now. Point guard is his position.

He's been enjoying the Saturday practices. This area is still in a phase were athletes can't compete indoors. But they can compete outdoors.

"I like the practices to try to get better for tournaments," Hawkins said.

He especially prides himself on his dribbling.

Hawkins said his best shot is a drive. He's trying to get better on his overall shooting.

His defensive specialty has been forcing his opponent to make a bad play and not be able to get to the basket. He's enjoyed the Saturday sessions playing with his friends after spending many weeks at home during the COVID situation.

"It helps a lot," he said.

Track is another sport of interest for Hawkins. But nothing beats basketball.

The Saturday sessions will continue throughout the summer.