Baldwin football players continue gearing up for practice season

BALDWIN — Football practices for the Baldwin Panthers are less than two weeks away and players are trying to take advantage of opening weight-room opportunities to get ready.

Maleke Palmer is a sophomore who played varsity last season at right tackle.

“I’ve been going to the weight room lifting weights and jogging around the block and playing basketball to get my endurance up,” he said. “When the weight room’s not open, I lift weights at my house.”

It’s a routine that will provide huge benefits, Palmer indicated.

“It’s helping me,” he said. “On weekends, I go downstairs and lift weights two hours straight.”

Demetrius Kane, a junior, has also had an active summer. He plays running back and wide receiver.

Kane is coming off an injury from last season.

“This summer I’ve been weightlifting a couple of times, but I’m working which interferes with my weight-lifting,” he said. “I’ve been running and playing basketball.”

Kane is confident he can make up for the time he lost from last season.

“I have to work harder, keep weightlifting, do some running, keep in shape,” he said. “I think we’ll have a decent team. We need to work on our passing and our defense.”