BALDWIN — George Tharp of Ed’s Sporting Goods, likes what he’s seeing of local fishing activity in the Baldwin area in recent weeks.

“They’re getting a few trout on the mayflies on the hex, but it’s winding down,” Tharp said. “Trout fishing on the streams has been fairly good right now. A lot of people are using gold spinners and they’re using nightcrawlers.

“We’ve got 60-degree water temperatures. It’s normal and it’s clear. It should be great week for the Fourth of July weekend for people to come out and catch some trout.”

Area lakes have been productive.

“The bass are doing excellent,” Tharp said. “They’re hitting a lot of bass on top water. Bluegills, people are getting their limits of them. But they have to sort through them to get there. Probably two-thirds of what you catch will be undersized. They are picking up some nice crappies in deeper water.”

There’s no hunting taking place yet, but plenty of animals around, Tharp said.

“There’s a ton of bears around,” he said. “We have more bears than anyone in the county needs. Anybody able to draw a bear hunting permit will have a great time. There’s no shortage of them.

“They’re getting into everything, bird feeders and garbage. They’re going into people’s barns. Bears are a big thing We have a lot of bears.

“I’m seeing a lot of deer again. I’m not seeing anything that’s a huge-bodied animal. But I’m seeing quite a few deer. As always, we need more people to shoot coyotes. We’re over burdened with them.”