Baldwin bowlers off to fast start

BALDWIN —   Baldwin hosted a bowling match Saturday with the girls team enjoying winning success.

The Baldwin boys A team played Mason County Eastern and the B team was short of bowlers, but faced Crossroads. The Baldwin girls played Mason County Central.

“All of my girls are doing well,” coach Nick Miller said, referring to Nicole Mooney, Shay Scott, Brittany Bowling, Rosie Lemieux, Christina McCarthy and others.

Da’Ron Copeland, Deondra McDonald, DeShawn Moore and Tyler Clugston have been among the boy bowlers. Clugston and Reese Drilling are the only returners. All of the bowlers are new for the boys. Others are Demarco Williams, Ryan Kolenbrander, David Simmons and Kendall Phillips.

Simmons is among the basketball players seeing some bowling action. It’s his first season with the sport.

“I enjoy it because it’s my senior year and I might as well go out and have some fun,” Simmons said. “The key to being a good bowler is to listen to your coach and relax. It’s a mental game. We’ve been picking up most of our spares. We’ve been doing good.”

The bowlers have also been focusing on practice sessions.

“We work on getting our pickups, our 7 and 10 pins, and work on our strike formation and work on bowling in general and getting better,” Simmons said. “It’s more of a mental game. You’re following form and staying focused in games.”

McDonald was on the  B team last Saturday against Crossroads.

“I thought it’d be a fun experience.” McDonald, a junior, said. “You only get to be in high school once. I really didn’t bowl that much. This is my first year.”

Consistency is the key, McDonald said. The sport isn’t as easy as it might look.

“It’s tricky,” he said. “I thought it was going to be easy. My average has increased about every week. I’m committed to it. I’m pretty sure Da’Ron and the other ones are, too.”

Miller likes what he sees of the players so far.

“They’re improving quickly,” he said. “I tell them to take a break because they’re doing too much. Some of the new players are seniors so I don’t see them very long. I started some of them from scratch. But they’re learning fast. They’re learning to use the arrows and learning their balance and time.

“I’m hoping by tournament season that they’ll be a pretty respectable team,” Miller said. “The girls, I’m expecting them to do well this year.”

The next meet is Jan. 9 in Scottville.