Baldwin bowlers getting ready to start a new season

BALDWIN – As summer winds down and thoughts turn to the inevitable reality that summer is almost done, it’s time to plan for our fall and winter slow down period.

One such activity to fill in the time is to join a bowling league. Bowling is a sport for the young and old alike and Baldwin Bowling Center has several day and night leagues to choose from to occupy your time and keep your blood flowing.

Bowling leagues are actively planning for the season and would love to have you, your spouse and friends join a team or create a new team to participate in the No. 1 family sport in America.

The following league options are available for bowlers to join and all are handicapped leagues.

Monday Mixers’ league is comprised of four-person teams that can be couples or  individuals and starts bowling at 6:45 p.m. The league lasts 30 weeks and starts Sept. 9. This league is in its second year and is a fun league with a mix of good and average bowlers.

Tuesday Ladies is a woman’s league comprised of four ladies bowling each night. This league is Lake County’s most competitive woman’s league but welcomes all lady bowlers regardless of skill level. The league bowls 32 nights and starts Sept. 3.

Wednesday Senior League is for all bowlers 55 years of age or older. This is a fun league and starts Sept 4 for 32 weeks.

Wednesday Scrub Oaks league is a mixed league that is perfect for bowlers that need to start later in the evening. The league has an 8 p.m. start time, lasts 32 weeks and begins Sept. 4. The bowlers in this league are of all skill levels but several talented bowlers participate in the league.

Thursday a.m. Ladies league is perfect for the ladies who have a few hours in the morning to get their well deserved fun time. This league is for all skill levels, begins Sept 5 and lasts for 32 weeks.

Thursday Water Wonderland men’s league is one of the oldest and most competitive leagues in Lake County. All skill levels of bowlers are welcome to participate in the league and several of Lake County’s top men bowlers roll this night. This league starts Sept. 5.

Saturday Fun Night league is a four-person team and bowls every other Saturday night.

This league may be a “no tap” league which means throw a 9 count and it counts as a strike. This is a fun time league, non-sanctioned and all bowlers are welcomed League start date is typically later in the season and begins early Saturday evening. This league lasts 16 weeks.

For all bowlers in Lake County these are the opportunities for joining a bowling league.

If you are one who doesn’t want to bowl 32 weeks there are options for you. Don’t miss the opportunity when “old man winter” is blowing to get out the house and join other people who just want to participate in a fun activity.

Don’t forget that the Lake County Star newspaper actively supports local functions, so bowl a good game and it just may be your 15 minutes of fame written up in this paper.

If you have questions or are interested in bowling but don’t know where to start contact Nick Miller at the Baldwin Bowling Center at 231 745-4403 for additional information.