Baldwin bowlers do well at Big Rapids

BALDWIN — Baldwin’s bowling teams had a strong performance Saturday at The Gate in Big Rapids.

The girls “won their match (against Mason County Central), and did good,” coach Amy Park said. “They started out slow and came back and stuck with it and finished real good.”

Nicole Mooney had a strong day, Park said, adding Vanessa Trevino and Rose Lemieux both had strong first games.

“They both did well as a team,” Park said.

The Panthers have seven girl bowlers.

Baldwin had a 1,298 and MCC collected a 1,010.

Ryan Kohlenbrander and Demarco Williams had strong days for the boys, coach Nick Miller said. The boys were playing MCC and Mason County Eastern.

Tyler Clugston, Da’Ron Copeland and Deshawn Moore have been strong bowlers all season, along with Williams, a freshman.

“They’re becoming consistent,” Miller said. “We’re in the second part of our schedule. It’s crunch time now.”

Baldwin bowls at Ludington’s Country Lanes this Saturday. Home matches are set for Jan. 30 and Feb. 6.