Baldwin bowler reflects on standout series

BALDWIN — Jeremy Curtis won’t forget the 2013-14 season at the Baldwin Bowling Center for a long time.

The Baldwin High School graduate in late March racked up the high series for the season at the lanes with a sparkling 781 during Wednesday night league action.

Curtis bowled a 247, 266, and a 268 to hit the 781 mark.

“It’s actually my best series ever,” he said.

His previous best series was a 714 at the Riverwood Bowling Lanes in Mount Pleasant where he bowls in a Monday night league.

When he bowled his 781, Curtis recalls getting a “consistent pocket shot. It felt good right off the hand. I knew they were going to be strikes. It was a consistency I hadn’t seen in other nights.”

Curtis started with the 247.

“It was a night when I got better and better as I was going,” he said. “The second game, I threw seven (strikes) in a row. At the end of the seven, I had a Brooklyn and it fell. I hit one a little too heavy and it still fell. At that moment, I felt nothing could go wrong for me.”

Going into the third game, Curtis knew he needed a 279 to reach the Magical 800 series mark.

“I could definitely say I was shooting for it,” Curtis said. “I got the sixth frame before I missed another strike. I got a spare that frame. I had kind of given up on it. It was still in reach. But I wanted to finish with a high enough series to take the top leader spot on the board.”

A 739 was the previous high lanes’ series.

“I thought that was phenomenal,” Curtis said. “To (beat it) by 45 pins, I was just on cloud nine.”

Curtis bowled four years on the high school bowling team in Baldwin. He qualified for the state finals.

“We never finished but put on good showings every year,” he said. “We were really good in the conference.”

His best game was a no tap 300, which he doesn’t count. He’s also bowled a pair of actual 279s. The 300 game or 800 series are key goals he has.

“It’d be awesome if it happens,” he said. “An 800, there’s room for error. For a 300, you have to be perfect.”