BALDWIN - It's early July and Baldwin boys basketball coach JJ Eads is still hoping to have some type of summer session with his team.

"In our region, we're still not allowed to be in the gym," he said. "We're still not doing anything inside gyms. Outdoor courts are hard to come by. Outdoor courts. We can't really reserve those. It's not school property. We're hoping on their own they're out playing. North of us schools can (be indoors). We're still locked out of gyms."

Eads said there's still optimistic gyms would be open up in the area.

"Now that they're tightening it again and with what the Governor sent out on phase four reopening, it's not looking like gyms in our area will be open anytime soon, Eads said.

The last day in July would be the end of available time for some type of summer program prior to the start of the fall season, Eads noted.

He added he's communicated to his players on what's going on.

"Obviously we're not allowed in the gym but we've told them to get to a court and stay as active as they can," Eads said. "A lot of them are going to parks, which is good. As far as some type of structured program, it's not looking too good."