BALDWIN - Rick Heitmeyer, Baldwin's school superintendent, is also serving as athletic director and is frequently asked of the prospects of getting back to fall sports.

The MHSAA has been issuing guidelines on requirements for Baldwin and other schools to have summer activities and other procedures in terms of returning to a sports program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are in the process of getting stuff put together," Heitmeyer said. "We have some touchless thermometers ordered and are working on some different guidelines and policies on how we have to interact or not interact at this point. We're hoping to have those thermometers in next week and be able to get closer to get something going.

"We do have an executive order that reverses an earlier executive order that allows us to get going in athletics. We're in that process right now and hope to have that going soon. We want to have the thermometers on hand and we're looking into different masks opportunities. We had to go outside activities in our neck of the woods. So it will probably be a lot of conditioning."

Heitmeyer said players had been contacting football coach Robert Watkins on a regular basis asking him when they were going to get going.

"We're in the process of getting things put together," Heitmeyer said. "We haven't had anything yet. We're trying to work on some policies to clarify everything based on MHSAA guidelines. We want to make sure coaches know what we need to do.

"On our region, we can only be outside right now. Northwest Michigan and the Upper Peninsula can do a number of indoor activities right now. We're not cleared for that yet. We're lumped into the Kent County region. My indoor coaches are bummed out they can't do any activities right now. You want to do things right and don't want to do anyone at risk."