Baldwin at Marion on Friday

BALDWIN — Baldwin’s football losing streak has hit four straight games, but the Panthers are looking for better fortunes this week as they play at Marion in 8-player action.

The Panthers lost 68-28 to Manistee Catholic Central and continues to have problems shutting down the other team.

“We did a fairly decent job early,” Baldwin coach Bob Watkins said. “We’re still shorthanded. The young ones, you can tell the fatigue when it kicked in. We had a lot of missed tackles. Once we can get ourselves with a group we can rely on or least give others a break, that will help. In the second half, the kids were dragging. It was one of those hot muggy days.”

Baldwin had 10 players on the Friday roster.

Watkins is hoping Shaundel Dukes will return next week. Davonte Ponder has been out with a shoulder injury.

“He thinks he’ll be back but we don’t know yet,” Watkins said. “We had a freshman secondary and two freshmen on the line. We found out early last week that Lance Donald (senior center) had a fractured thumb. He didn’t play. When it rains it pours. At this point, with him, we don’t know.”