BALDWIN — Temperatures are warming up at the Marquette Trails Golf Course with golfers trying to get near the top of the league standings.

Steve Huzel is golf pro at the Marquette Trails Country Club. He said his Thursday League features 24 total teams, 46 guys. The Thursday league is “twice” as big as the one on Wednesday and is considered the “main” league.

“Everyone has a handicap and hopefully everyone is playing on a neutral field.”

Kevin Miller, Dan Beck, Ben Ridderman and Craig Davis have been among the top golfers in the league.

Arnie Morrison is among the league’s active players.

“It’s got an A and B group,“ he said. “A is a little higher handicap and B is typically the lower handicap.”

Morrison is an avid Baldwin bowler and said other keglers are also in the league, including Baldwin Bowling Center owner Nick Miller.

It’s Morrison’s fourth full year in the league. He usually shoots in the 40s.

Morrison also plays a course in Florida during the winter and likes being at Marquette Trails.

“The thing I like about this course is that it’s always in good shape,” he said. “The greens are consistent. They’re not too hard. It’s short. The greens make it interesting. The (owners) do a good job of keeping it going. A lot of people play it. Its sort of a hidden gem.”

Golf gives avid bowlers like Morrison a summer activity. But after Labor Day, the bowling leagues will start up again.

Morrison also plays in the Wednesday league at Marquette Trails.