BALDWIN – The Soul Searchers stretched their lead in first place as they continue racking up the points in Baldwin Bowling League action.

This week’s unsung hero was Leon Lewis with a personal best 252 actual, 292 handicap first game leading the charge for the Searchers. George Barker continued his mastery over his opponents winning three matches by bowling over his average all three games. Lewis and Eddie Mayhem Mahan won two matches each as the Searchers won 19 points from the Exiles which won eight points.

Newcomer Rich Sawyer was high series man for the Exiles bowling a 511 series and Jeremy Just Figgers won two of his matches. With these losses, the Exiles fell back to third place in the standings.

AA Collision took advantage of the Exiles problems with the Soul Searchers and jumped over them into second place in the standings. Tony Dumont, Terry Lennen, and Kirby Gallentine won two matches each for AA. Dumont had handicap games of 257 and 251 to pace AA’s 17 points effort.

Jim Binning and Boone Verburg won two matches for L&M Drywall with their team winning 10 points. Louie Miotke had high series for L&M rolling a 524 series; he bowled over his average for all three games and kept L&M in fifth place.

Marquette Trails Golf (MTG) and Baldwin Bowling Center (BBC) hooked up against each other in the last match of the night. As usual this match was close with MTG winning totals by only 45 pins and the second match by only 11 pins.  Snoop Jennings high games of 234, 214 and a league and team high series of 650 carried the day for MTG.  Supporting Jennings was Juice Johnson’s 220, Arnie Morrison’s 223, and Rob B Burrell’s 214 actual 256 handicap game.

BBC’s Brandon Avery, with the league high average of 219, showed just how finicky the lanes can be sometimes by bowling a fine 114 second game only to follow it up with a league high scratch game of 256.

Bill Copeland though stole the show for BBC bowling a 636 series that included two 223 games and winning all three matches. Showing just how funny bowling can be sometimes BBC won 10 of 15 battles but still lost the war to MTG, 14 points to 12 points.

Point totals after week four of the second half are:  Searchers 70, AA 58, Exiles 54, MTG 49, L&M 47, and BBC 45.