BALDWIN — The 2013 Baldwin Little League season for ages 10-13 has ended and coach Bill Buckley is optimistic for the future.

Buckley and his players had games at Scottville and Fountain during most of the season. Attempts to have home games did not come through but Buckley is looking for the possibility of that next year.

Buckley had been hopeful of tournaments in Baldwin last week. But instead, players faced their parents in a fun game.

“They all did good, there’s a lot of improvement from where they started at the beginning of the year to where they ended up,” Buckley said “It was a good thing. We did a good job.”

Lake County showed its power against Fountain early in the season by hitting some home runs, including one from DeMarco Williams.

“Next year looks real good,” Buckley said. “ I’ve got a hold of the director in Scottville. If the boys above the 10-12 join in, there’s a good chance we can play in the West Shore League. That’s what we’re looking forward to putting together now. We’re looking to bring games here next year too. We’re not just going to play in Scottville. They can travel and come play here too. They traveled to Reed City too.”

Next year the Baldwin team will have tryouts, Buckley indicated.

“Ones that don’t make it to the travel team will play here,” he said. “We don’t leave any kids out.”

The West Shore league would also allow Baldwin to develop a 13-14-year-old summer team, Buckley noted. “When they get into high school, they play for the school,” he said.