Baldwin JVs continue to have success

BALDWIN — The Baldwin junior varsity boys basketball team posted a 62-52 win over Bear Lake on Feb. 17 to improve the Panthers record to 10-4.

Baldwin built up a hefty lead, but had to hold off a strong Bear Lake surge late in the game to preserve a 10-4 record.

Tyler Clugston led Baldwin with 20 points, followed by Zach Lovett with 14 points.

Erica Tate is coaching the team, assisted by Lindsey Jackson.

“We were pushing really hard,” Tate said. “We just had to run the defense really well and eventually we ran them out and got us opportunity to get baskets and slow it down.”

Clugston and Lovett, “have definitely been stepping up,” Tate said. “They’re starting to realize their potential every single game and they’re getting better every game.”