BALDWIN — Area fishing continues to be outstanding, as far as George Tharp, from Ed’s Sport Shop in Baldwin, is concerned.

“Bluegills are just starting to bed in some of the shallower area lakes,” he said. “The deeper lakes with the spring in it and cooler temps will probably take two weeks before they get around to it. A few of the shallow private lakes I’ve heard from. But I haven’t heard anything specific from the big public waters.

“They are getting a few. They’ve been doing real good on crappies. A lot of crappies have been doing good on top water off of black poppers which is way different than anything I’ve tried. In the evening, they’ve been getting some decent-sized crappies top water off of black poppers.”

Tharp indicated there’s been mixed results on trout fishing.

“We’ve had enough rain and some days the water is real high and dark and they’re getting plenty of feed washed down to them so they’re not hitting anything in particular on those days,” he said. “They’ve doing some off beadheads on nymphs and some of the smaller streamers. We did have a guy come in with a 22- and 10-inch brown which are nice fish.

“In the past week, people say they’re getting better reports on mushrooming. There’s quite a few folks going out and doing that. Mushrooms are an opportunity for people.”