Fishing has picked up, but windy conditions have limited some activity. With higher water levels, boat anglers should always be on the lookout for submerged trees, sticks and other debris when running at high speeds. Warm weather and spawning stress have resulted in small-scale fish kills throughout the state.

Anglers 17 years of age and older are required to have a fishing license.

"It's going really good actually," Morley charter fisherman Tom Vernon said. "I ran a trip this morning and we did good on the smallmouth at the Muskegon River. We got a few walleye and a couple of northerns, and actually a nice muskey.

"Bluegills are still doing their thing. They're off the beds, though. It's happening right now. This is the best fishing of the year."

"I was in Bay City last week catching walleyes," Jeff Greene, of Rodney said. "It was fun but I only caught half as many as last year. Sunday after church, I fished at Hillview Lake. I managed to catch enough for supper but all the females had spawned out."

Warren Elka, of Triggertime Outfitters, Big Rapids, said bass tournaments are picking up in activity.

"I haven't heard much on the river lately," he said. "Other guys are doing some pan fishing."

In northwest Michigan, "fish are 150 feet down (in Lake Michigan), a lot of trout, it's pretty much a trout program now," Bud Fitzgerald of Tangled Tackle Co., said. "The kings we had are moving north. They're still getting some bluegills on beds. I haven't heard of any perch in the local lakes."

"As of lately, we haven't heard quite a bit," Caleb Keengstra, of Captain Chuck's in Luding-ton, said. "The water has been pretty rough. It's been super windy out there. Pike fishing is pretty good, there's an abundance of pike at the state park. There's been no perch. We ha-ven't heard anything about crappies or bluegills.

"Bass has been OK, but nothing to really scream about."

Larry Scharich, of Shipwatch Marina, Manistee, said anglers are getting some trout and salmon "but the weather hasn't been great the last couple of days so I'm not sure how things are going to change from that. There's nobody fishing with all this wind we've got."

"They're doing a little bit of everything," Steve Forester, of Backcast Flyshop in Benzonia said. "They're getting some pike, walleye, trout and bass. There's a lot going on the inland lake. On the big lake, they're getting some salmon."

Those trolling at Frankfort caught a moderate number of Chinook salmon and lake trout 45 to 65 feet down in 150 to 180 feet. Blue and green spoons worked best, the DNR reported. The bigger Chinook were hitting on meat rigs.

Anglers trolling out deep in 200 to 220 feet of water reported low numbers, but the fish are out there.

Portage Lake had high water levels have the fish in close to shore, the DNR reported. Bluegills, perch and bass have been reported in the shallows as well as 10 to 15 feet.

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell had good crappie and bass fishing, the DNR reported. Walleye also have been caught, though the bite slowed with the warm weather.

Anglers in Manistee reported good catches of Chinook salmon and lake trout. Manistee Lake was producing some northern pike, the DNR reported.

Fishing Tip: Help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species

Courtesy of the Michigan DNR

Anglers and boaters can do their part to help make sure Michigan's rivers, lakes and streams are protected against invasive species by following these some simple steps:

CLEAN boats, trailers and equipment.

DRAIN live wells, bilges and all water.

DRY boats and equipment.

DISPOSE of unwanted bait in the trash.

Boat anglers were taking good catches of Chinook salmon and lake trout at Ludington.