He’s 79 and will be 80 in October, but one Lake County golfer just can’t quit.

Ross Broderick of the Baldwin area has been playing at Marquette Trails since 1988 and lives across the street from the course.

He golfs three time a week at the course,  usually during the Wednesday and Thursday leagues and another time on his own.

Even though he’ll soon be 80, Broderick enjoys every minute of it.

“Every year the holes get longer and longer,” he smiled “and I keep looking for a 14-hole golf course. That’s when I get tired.”

Broderick started playing golf when he was 12.

“I caddied in Detroit,” he said. “I go south in the summer time. They have beautiful courses but there are no trees and some ponds. But this (Marquette) Trails is such a beautiful course. So many different things can happen, over ponds and around corners.”

His best round of golf at the course has been a 78. He has had a hole-in-one but aced it in Florida.

“It cost me $40 in beer,” he laughed.  “All those years and I never had a hole-in-one.”

Brockerick recalls shooting 135 yards with a  7 iron. He did come close at No. 7 on Marquette Trails during tournament action.

“The person (Carol Balusis’s mother) who played before me got a hole-in-one and got a big prize.

Brockerick smiled when asked how much longer he’ll keep play playing

“As long as I can stand up on the green side,” he said. “They’ll have to put me  on the other side.”

He noted that the course has put up up senior tees to make the course somewhat shorter