BALDWIN — The 2018 Baldwin Youth Sports 4-H Program, which ran from May 16 through July 11, has come to a close.

“It was an exciting and different chapter for the youth of the county,”  Lake County 4-H Youth Program, coordinator Laurie Platte Breza said. “The Baldwin Youth Sports 4-H Program, designed to prepare boys and girls ages 5 through 14 years of age for organized play, departed from the normal routine of past years and offered a progressive instructional, skill-building ball program. It utilized proven teaching techniques. Cutting-edge training aids, including computer-aided diagnostics, individual development was emphasized.

“Each child, as a member of the program, received one-on-one instruction from trained volunteer 4-H coaches. Following a proven list of skills assessments, each coach instructed based on the age and skill level of the youth. As the child becomes more proficient with the skills, the coach advanced the child to the next level. Each level became increasing difficult and complex until the final level was completed.”

Breza thanked Lee Moore, Jim Payne, Jerry TenBrink and Marci Noffke for all of their work. For more information about the Lake County 4-H Youth Program, contact Breza, at (231) 745-2732.