BALDWIN — The Lake County 4-H youth baseball-softball program at Baldwin ended at Hollister Park this week with an awards program.

After several weeks of practice and training, youngsters were able to compete in a game situation.

Prior to the start of the season, 4-H coordinator Laura Platte Breza explained the reason behind the change.

“We’ve run this program as a traditional Little League,” she said. “This year we want to change it a bit. It’s more on skill development. The kids will come in and we have what we call five farms (skill levels). This will be for kids 5 through 14 years of age. Age is determined from Jan. 1 of the given year.

“The kids will come and their coaches will do an assessment on their skill level at that point. They will then be placed in a farm level. The kids will have a list of skills they need to learn within the farm. We’re taking the competition out of this. We will not have games on the road or try to compete with other teams.” The thought, Platte Breza said, was to start at the ground level and teach the kids the skills.